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Avon Polished Brass Straight Lever Keyhole Door Handle Set

Avon Polished Brass Straight Lever Keyhole Door Handle Set


Avon polished brass straight lever handle on a plain keyhole backplate, part of our value for money range. Used on doors that have a mortice door lock operated with a key. The backplate measures 155x41mm and this set is supplied complete with connecting spindle and fixing screws.
Excl. VAT: £11.71 Incl. VAT: £14.05 pair


Lever lock handles have a keyhole cut into the back plate. They are used in conjunction with a mortice sash lock, which is usually 2.1/2in (64mm) or 3in (75mm) wide and consists of a latch and a deadbolt. The sash lock is fitted into the edge of the door whereas the handles are fitted to either side of the door and are connected by a spindle located in the back of the levers. When the levers are pressed, the spindle rotates and operates the latch in the sash lock allowing the door to open. When the key is turned the deadbolt is operated, locking the door. The handles are supplied complete with the spindle and fixing screws, but not with the lock which needs to be purchased as a separate item, and is normally specified to have a matching finish to the handles.

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Model PR900PB
SKU I437464
Manufacturer M.Marcus
Price Unit pair