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Gate Stop 226mm Length 190mm Height 2759

Gate Stop 226mm Length 190mm Height 2759


Black gate stop. Approximate dimensions: Length measures 226mm and height measures 190mm. The upright is cemented into the ground and the cross bar simply hooks under the bottom of the gate to hold the hook in position by means of the counter balancing weight. To release the gate the weight is lifted (usually by foot) to release the hook from the bottom of the gate. The gate is simply pushed into the device to engage the hook and the upright also acts as a gate stop to prevent it opening further. There are no other parts required on the gate itself and gate thicknesses of approximately 57mm can be accommodated.
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The fixing length into the ground will be determined by the height of the gate above the ground. The upright is shaped at the bottom to achieve a good strong fixing into a concrete base in the ground.

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Model 2759
SKU I451240
Manufacturer Kirkpatrick
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