Door Furniture Direct

Louis Fraser have created a range of bronze door furniture and fittings featuring traditional architectural hardware designs but in a finish that is both contemporary and innovative. Cast from solid bronze, each piece in this collection passes through a series of hand applied chemical processes to help achieve a natural patina, that with time and usage, will slowly age giving each piece its own natural uniqueness. Finished with a thin coating of beeswax, this beautiful collection of door furniture is suitable for both internal and external use.

This range of bronze door furniture should not be confused with cheaper imitation bronze versions on the market, these solid bronze pieces are crafted to meet the expectations of today's modern society and are not only made to last, but will grow more beautiful over time. It is recommended that a periodic wipe with a lightly oiled cloth or a fine paste beeswax will help preserve the look of the product.

Louis Fraser Oil Rubbed Bronze Style