Art Deco Oval Profile Chrome Door Knobs On Plate

£225.76 £188.13 Pair
Art Deco polished chrome knob on oval profile plate, in pairs. The plate measures 205x50mm. Please note these knobs are unsprung and should be used in conjunction with a heavy duty mortice latch to provide a spring action (not included). This set includes spindle and screws. Handles require an oval profile cylinder and lock case (not included). The centres measurement (the distance between the centre of the spindle and the centre of the key barrel) can be manufactured to suit your specification. See diagram below. Please state measurement required when ordering.

Oval profile handles have an oval shape cut out of the back plate. This oval cut out in the back plate is used to house a key operated cylinder. The cylinder is used with a sash lock, which consists of a latch and a deadbolt and is mortised into the edge of the door. The lock also has an oval shape cut into it to allow the cylinder to pass through and come out on the opposite side of the door. These cylinders come in various lengths depending on the thickness of the door and various styles such as double key, key and turn, or single cylinder. The handles are fitted to either side of the door and are connected by a spindle located in the back of the levers. When the levers are pressed, the spindle rotates and operates the latch allowing the door to open. When the key or thumb turn is operated, the deadbolt on the lock is thrown and the door is then locked. The handles are supplied complete with the spindle and fixing screws, but not with the lock or cylinder, which need to be purchased separately, and are normally specified to have a matching finish to the handles.
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