Art Deco Pull Handle 190mm Back Fix

£112.80 £94.00 Each
Art Deco back fixing pull handle, measures 190mm from the centres.
This is a bolt through pull handle. A bolt through pull handle is supplied with two fixing bolts that are fitted through the opposite face of the door to the pull handle and are threaded into the two ends of the handle until it is fitted flush to the door. Normally when a bolt through handle is being used, a push plate is fitted to the opposite face of the door for added strength. The hexagon heads of the bolt can be fitted so that they are visible on the surface of the push plate or they can be sunk into the surface of the door and the push plate fitted on top to conceal the fixings. This type of fixing is more secure than face fix and would be more suitable for doors with the added friction of a door closer or those undergoing heavy traffic.
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