Black Antique Iron 810 Lift Off Strap Hinges 304x133mm In Prs

£104.28 £86.90 Pair
Black antique iron strong lift off strap hinges, sold in pairs. The band is fitted to the door or gate and allows it to be removed without unscrewing the plate from the frame. Approximate dimensions: Overall length 304mm, width at widest point measures 133mm. Supplied complete with fixing screws.

The strap of this hinge fits over a pin that is fixed to a plate. When the door is opened, the strap rotates on the pin. The plate is screwed to the door frame and the strap is screwed to the face of the door. With this particular type of hinge, when the door is open it can be lifted and removed without unscrewing the hinge.

Kirkpatrick, who have been in production since 1855, manufacture this high quality hand crafted Antique Style ironwork in the UK. Their products are manufactured to authentic original patterns from MALLEABLE IRON which is stronger and more durable than cheaper alternatives made from either cast or SG iron. This product has a hammered or textured Antique Style.

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