Rising Butt Hinge Steel Left Hand 3in (76mm) In Pairs

£3.29 £2.74 Pair
Steel rising butt hinge left hand 3x3in (76x76mm). Hinge dimensions refer to the overall size with the hinge open lying flat. Supplied in pairs. Please note these hinges are handed. Screws are not supplied with this item and need to be purchased separately. Size 8 wood screws should be used to fix these hinges.

Rising butt hinges can be used where the door is required to rise to clear an obstruction such as a carpet. The door will rise by approximately 6mm when it is opened to 90 degrees. Rising hinges will self close the door which is useful on toilet doors and cubicles. It is important to remember that the top of the door must be cut away on the hanging side to allow the door to rise as it opens. Due to the door having to be cut away these hinges are not suitable for use on fire doors.
Handing Diagram

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Price Unitpair
ManufacturerA Perry
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