Parts & Spares

At Door Furniture Direct we offer a collection of parts and spares which can help to save time and money by allowing the replacement of a part that has broken or been damaged rather than replacing the entire unit.

Door Handle Parts

The most common interior door handle parts that we are asked for is door spindles. A door handle spindle is the bar that passes through the door and connects a pair of door handles together. These spindles can go missing when replacing handles or are sometimes cut too short when fitting new door handles. Some extra thick doors require a longer length spindle than the ones supplied as standard. At Door Furniture Direct we offer plain spindles, slotted spindles, Taylor's spindles, 5mm bathroom spindles and more. As part of our upvc door handles spares we have a split spindle which allows one handle to be operated independently from the other.

Door Lock and Door Latch Parts

Our range of door lock parts and door latch parts consist of forends and striking plates for mortice locks and tubular latches. These are ideal in situations where you have decided to change the finish of your door furniture and want the locks and latches to match but don't want to replace the entire unit. Just select a finish to match your new furniture and simply replace the plates.

Door Knob Parts

Our extensive collection of spindles is suitable for use with door knobs as well as door handles. In particular our door knob parts include a tapered spindle for use with porcelain door knobs and Taylor's spindles which allow one dummy door knob to be fitted to a door and used only to pull the door open and closed. Also for door knobs we stock spare roses for porcelain and china knobs that allows replacements if the porcelain rose gets damaged or broken. We also sell a collection of metal roses that can also be used with porcelain door knobs instead of the supplied porcelain rose. Just select the finish you require.

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