Polished Chrome Front Door Furniture

Whatever style or design of polished chrome front door furniture you are looking for, you will most definitely be able to find it here on the Door Furniture Direct website. Polished chrome has a shiny, mirror like finish and would look great fitted to the front door of a modern apartment or contemporay home.

Take a look at the chrome letter boxes on offer. Choose from horizontal or vertical letter plates and accessorise with a matching interior tidy. Perhaps you want a plain Victorian style chrome letter plate or a stylish stepped edge design, you might want to combine your letter plate and door knocker and opt for a polished chrome postal knocker letter plate! The choices are endless.

Another big decision is deciding on a style of chrome door knocker or centre door knob. Again we have modern contemporary designs such as the chrome doctor knockers and scroll door knockers, or the tiered centre door knob. If it's a traditional style that you are looking for, choose from the chrome urn or ring door knockers and the polished chrome octagonal centre door knobs.

Finish the look by accessorising from our collection of polished chrome door numbers, polished chrome door bells, polished chrome cylinder pulls and polished chrome escutcheons.

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