Heritage Everbrite and PVD Brass

Here, at Door Furniture Direct we stock a range of virtually maintenance free brass door furniture and accessories. Dull, green, tarnished brass door furniture can be a thing of the past with our collection of Everbrite and PVD brass door furniture. The finish on this none tarnish brass door furniture is guaranteed for 10 years.

This specialised door furniture has been through a process called PVD. PVD stands for physical vapour deposition. To achieve a durable finish, the process involves depositing molecules of durable metals onto the brass surface. This microscopic layer protects the brass from becoming discoloured or tarnished when exposed to pollution, sunlight and coastal areas.

So, no more cleaning or polishing. Just the occasional wipe with a soft non-abrasive cloth to remove finger marks will keep your none tarnish brass door furniture in tip top condition.

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