Kirkpatrick Black Smooth Iron

As well as the much publicised black antique style range which features a hammered or textured design, Kirkpatrick also produce a black smooth style range of door furniture and accessories. This black iron range is manufactured from malleable iron which makes it stronger and more durable than cheaper alternatives produced using cast or SG iron. It is smooth or plain in design and is suitable for use both internally and externally around your home.

The black finish is achieved by dipping the product in wet paint which ensures all moving parts are covered. This paint is then stove dried before the product is dry powder coated to achieve the black finish and stove dried once more. This double dipping of paint helps prevent any corrosion.

This black iron range from Kirkpatrick features products for use all around the home including black iron door handles, door hinges, front door furniture and gate furniture. Browse this beautiful collection and place your order using our online shopping facility.

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