Window Parts

There are different elements that make up the parts of a window and here at Door Furniture Direct we concentrate on sash window parts including sash pulleys, window hinges in many different styles and finishes, and window draught excluder. Our all weather windows replacement parts consist of window draught excluder products for fitting around the window to keep out those draughts. We offer self adhesive foam draught excluder as well as EPDM rolls of draught excluder in both E and P profiles. We also have a universal window weatherstrip which can be customised to create over 100 different profiles.

Sash Window Parts

Sliding sash windows slide up and down with the help of sash pulleys fitted into the frame of the window. These pulleys have a roller which assists with the sliding of the window. Door Furniture Direct offer light duty sash pulleys with a nylon wheel or heavier sash pulleys in a brass, chrome and satin chrome finish, all fitted with metal wheels.

Window Hinges

If it is window hinges that you are looking for, you will find a full selection on our website including brass and galvanised stormproof hinges, pivot hinges and parliament hinges. The sash pulleys and the window hinges added to our range of wood window sash parts make up Door Furniture Direct's range of window parts.

Have a browse of our online store now and see why we are at the top of the best window parts suppliers.

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