Satin Brass

Door Furniture Direct is excited to bring to you a fantastic new collection of door furniture in a satin brass finish. This new contemporary style finish is a modern alternative to traditional polished brass. It has a matt brushed texture which offers a warm and inviting finish to a traditional and extremely popular door furniture material.

Satin Brass Front Door Furniture

The collection of satin brass exterior door furniture includes everything you could possibly need for your front door. From satin brass letter boxes, satin brass door knockers, bell pushes and satin brass house numbers; we have the products to make your front door stand out from the crowd.

Satin Brass Door Handles and Knobs

The door furniture fitted throughout your home is a reflection of your style and taste. As part of our satin brass door furniture range we offer both traditional and contemporary styled door handles and door knobs. Our satin brass door handles include Art Deco inspired designs such as the Atlantis, traditional Bedford satin brass handles with a curved lever and the more contemporary Kendal and Luna door handles. We offer satin brass door knobs in styles suitable for everyone as well as a great range of satin brass lever on rose door handles.

Satin Brass Product Care

The satin brass products from Heritage Brass have a lacquered finish to offer some protection from the environment. This lacquer will eventually break down over a period of time, particularly when fitted in coastal areas and polluted environments. To help maintain the finish of your satin brass door furniture you should regularly remove any dirt and watermarks from the surface with a non-abrasive cloth. Any satin brass products that are fitted externally would benefit from applying a non-abrasive light wax coating. Do not use metal cleaners or aerosol sprays as these will damage the lacquer.

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