Satin Brass Lever Door Handles

Door handles provide so much more than just a way of opening and closing a door. As well as being practical door handles reflect our style and can leave a lasting impression on visitors to your home. Our collection of door handles in a modern satin brass finish offer traditional, contemporary and even designer looking handles at competitive prices. As part of the Heritage Brass satin brass collection you can be guaranteed our satin brass door handles are just as high in quality as they are in style.

Satin brass Lock Door Handles

The satin brass locking door handles from Door Furniture Direct have a keyhole in the back plate and are used in conjunction with a mortice sashlock on doors that are required to lock with a key.

Satin Brass Latch Door Handles

Our satin brass latch door handles have a plain back plate and are to be used in conjunction with a tubular or mortice latch. They are used on doors that are not required to be locked.

Satin Brass Bathroom Door Handles

Satin brass bathroom handles are generally fitted to bathroom doors or any other door where privacy is required. The handles are supplied with a turn and release connected by a 5mm spindle and this can be reversed to suit the handing of the door. The turn is fitted on the inside of the door and the release is on the outside of the door to allow access in case of emergencies. Bathroom handles should be fitted in conjunction with a bathroom mortice lock.

Satin Brass Euro Profile Door handles

Our satin brass euro profile door handles should be used in conjunction with a euro profile cylinder. The enlarged key shape cut out accommodates a euro cylinder and should not be confused with the smaller keyhole shape of mortice lock door handles. The euro centres measurement of these handles is 48mm, this refers to the distance between the centre of the spindle hole and the centre of the circular part of the cylinder cut out.

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