Select a Rustic Finish

When it comes to finding rustic style door furniture to suit your taste and budget, then look no further than Door Furniture Direct. Here we have a huge range of rustic style door furniture in a variety of finishes including black antique, rustic bronze, antique pewter and many more.

As you can see Door Furniture Direct have rustic style door furniture that will flatter and enhance any period style property whether it be a converted barn, a country cottage or an old church. A large proportion of our rustic style furniture is manufactured by Kirkpatrick, a British company who are renowned for creating original pattern high quality door furniture using malleable iron. They offer door furniture products in black antique style, black smooth iron style, polished brass antique style and pewter finish style. We sell all of these and a whole lot more.

Another popular style of rustic door furniture on offer here at Door Furniture Direct is our wonderful sand cast rustic bronze range. This door furniture range of products are produced by pouring molten bronze into moulds formed from sand. This method re-creates the appearance of door furniture as it would have been centuries ago when only the very basic crafts were available. This beautiful range ages gracefully over time and becomes even more beautiful with time and use.

Please feel free to have a browse through our wonderful collection of rustic style door furniture, we are certain you will find what you need here. When you discover what you are looking for, you can place an order using our online shopping service.

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