Drill Bits and Grinding

If you are looking to purchase drill bits or grinding bits for those jobs around the home, then you have most certainly come to the right place. Here at Door Furniture Direct, we have all of the drill and grinding bits that you could possibly need.

We have a fantastic selection of drills on offer, so whether you are looking for a standard or a longer length high speed metal drill or a brad point wood drill; Door Furniture Direct has all of these and more.

As you can see, Door Furniture Direct sells drill bits and grinding bits of all varieties. We sell the very popular wood boring bit used for drilling holes in kitchen cabinets ready for fitting the cabinet hinge. And what’s more, all of our drills provide incredible value for money, so you can be sure that you will be getting only the highest quality when you shop with us.

Take a look through the complete selection of drills and grinding bits that we have in stock here at Door Furniture Direct, and once you have found what you would like to buy, you can place your order with us right away using our online shopping service.

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  1. Masonry Drill Bits Metric
    Masonry Drill Bits Metric X092700-3050

    Starting at £0.94 £0.78 Each

  2. Flat Wood Bits
    Flat Wood Bits X093400-570

    Starting at £1.87 £1.56 Each

  3. SDS Plus Hammer Bits
    SDS Plus Hammer Bits X092000-190

    Starting at £2.36 £1.97 Each

  4. HSS Brad Point Wood Bit
    HSS Brad Point Wood Bit X093200-310

    Starting at £0.98 £0.82 Each

  5. HSS M2 Fully Ground Long Drill Bit
    HSS M2 Fully Ground Long Drill Bit X095100-170

    Starting at £1.50 £1.25 Each

  6. TCT Multi-Purpose Drill Bits
    TCT Multi-Purpose Drill Bits X092500-70

    Starting at £2.33 £1.94 Each

  7. HSS Drill Bit Set Metric
    HSS Drill Bit Set Metric X096000-10

    Starting at £10.40 £8.67 Each

  8. Diamond Tile & Glass Bits
    Diamond Tile & Glass Bits X092670-4

    Starting at £10.66 £8.88 Each

  9. Tile & Glass Bits
    Tile & Glass Bits X092620-60

    Starting at £2.88 £2.40 Each

Items 1-12 of 21

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