Antique Oval Mortice Door Knobs 1550

£45.23 £37.69 Pair

Black antique oval mortice door knobs, sold in pairs. These black iron door knobs feature an oval knob mounted on a round back plate. The knob measures approximately 63x39mm and the back plate measures 57mm in diameter. Mortice knobs are fitted to both sides of a door and should be used with either a mortice sashlock or a tubular latch. Connecting bar and fixing screws are included.

Supplied complete with spindle and screws.

Kirkpatrick, who have been in production since 1855, manufacture this high quality hand crafted Antique Style ironwork in the UK. Their products are manufactured to authentic original patterns from MALLEABLE IRON which is stronger and more durable than cheaper alternatives made from either cast or SG iron. This product has a hammered or textured Antique Style.

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