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Chrome door furniture first appeared in late Victorian times when the chrome plating process first became available during the industrial revolution. It became very popular in the 1930's during the late Art Deco period when style and elegance were at the height of fashion.

Variations of the chrome finish have evolved, including polished chrome, satin chrome and nickel chrome. The type of finish is pre-determined by the state of the base brass metal before plating. A polished brass base will result in a polished chrome finish and a satin brass base will result in a satin chrome finish etc.

Chrome has become increasingly popular today because it is virtually maintenance free and can be used externally as well as internally!

Q. Will the finish on my chrome door furniture need any maintenance?

A. Yes, the finish on all door furniture requires some kind of  maintenance although this is usually minimal. There are natural hazards such as dust and moisture in the air that attack your furniture over a period of time. Simple maintenance can prevent this.

Q. Should I use metal polishes to clean my chrome door furniture?

A. No. Metal polishes or aerosol spray polishes should NEVER be used to clean chrome door furniture. These contain chemicals that are damaging to plated surfaces.

Q. How should I care for my chrome door furniture?

A. Regular dusting combined with an occasional wash with non-acidic soap and warm water will protect the chrome plating on your furniture. An occasional rub over with a cloth damped in paraffin or light oil will also be of benefit.


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