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Imitation Bronze

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There are two different types of bronze door furniture, Imitation Bronze (also known as IBMA or Imitation Bronze Metal Antique) and Real Bronze (also known as RBMA or Real Bronze Metal Antique). Imitation Bronze, as the description implies, is not actually made from bronze at all. The "bronze" finish is achieved by chemical, powder and paint processes usually applied to brass or other metal products. The end result is door furniture that looks as though it is made from Real Bronze but at a much lower cost.

Because the actual base metal is not real bronze, imitation bronze is not able to go through the same processes that give real Bronze door furniture its various finishes. The finish produced in Imitation Bronze (IBMA) products is most similar to the "antique" finish available in Real Bronze, however because the base metal used is usually brass, there tend to be more familiar handle styles available. These include the popular Georgian rope effect style. For more information on Real Bronze please refer to the Real Bronze Door Furniture FAQ.

Q. Can I mix and match Imitation Bronze (IBMA) door furniture with Real Bronze (RBMA) door furniture?

A. If you wanted the mixed door furniture to look and age the same then the answer to this question would be no. Although the IBMA bronze furniture resembles the "antique" finish of Real Bronze, the two finishes would be easy to tell apart. With everyday wear, the oxide finish on Real Bronze would eventually wear away to reveal the polished bronze underneath. The IBMA furniture would maintain its original "antique" finish.

Q. How should I maintain the finish on my Imitation (IBMA) Bronze furniture?

A. Imitation Bronze door furniture should simply be dusted regularly and washed periodically with warm soapy water. The furniture should then be dried carefully and buffed up with a soft cloth.

Q. Should I use metal polish to clean my Imitation (IBMA) Bronze door furniture?

A. No. Metal polish should NEVER be used to clean IBMA door furniture. These polishes contain chemicals that are damaging to the finished surface of your door furniture.


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