Porcelain Door Furniture

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Porcelain door furniture first became available during the Victorian times and was symbolised by a plain white knob on a brass ferrule.

In 1851 John Pepper patented a variety of mineral knobs available only in the limited colours of black, white and brown. These knobs were made of porcelain mixed with a mineral to make the material harder and more robust. Painted wooden knobs in the similar style also appeared around the same and these were a considerably cheaper alternative to the porcelain.

During the late Victorian period, pierced fingerplates were produced to compliment the porcelain knobs. The design of the knobs also changed with a gold line being added to the plain white background. Both of these original designs as well as more modern day variations are still available today, complete with a whole range of accessories to furnish all areas around the home!

Q. How should I take care of my porcelain door furniture?

A. Porcelain and enamelled door furniture should be dusted regularly and would benefit from the occasional wash with warm soapy water. After washing, dry your furniture and lightly buff up the surface. You should never use abrasive cleaning materials as these will damage the surface of your porcelain.


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