Surface Espagnolette Bolts (cassette type)

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Surface Espagnolette Bolts work by turning a knob or lever which shoots bolts into staples or plates on the frame and floor, subsequently bolting the door. They are available in different finishes with both lever and knob operating patterns, some types are lockable. This FAQ page discusses a basic cassette system used in these bolts, which makes them left or right handed to suit any door arrangement.

Espagnolette Bolt    Espagnolette Fixing Diagram

Q. How is the handing reversed?

A. The cassette system used in this product allows it to be either left or right handed, to suit any door arrangement. For help in deciding the correct handing for your door see the diagram below, then make sure that the cassette label showing the hand required always faces away from the door.

Espagnolette Bolt Handing

Q. How is the cassette fixed?

A. Referring to the diagram below - slide two guides onto the bottom rod (M) and fix this rod to the bottom of the cassette as shown using a screw and lock washer (B). Using this assembly, the cassette fixing screw (A) position can be marked on the door.  It is important to check that the bottom of the rod fits the opening rather than the door - this should be done with the door closed in its frame. Using the screw positions shown, fix the cassette (K) to the door using screws (A) - the other two holes are to take the screws for fixing the cover handle into position.

Espagnolette Bolt Casette

Q. How are the rods and guides fixed?

A. Referring to the diagram below, slide two guides (G) onto the top rod and fix this rod to the top of the cassette using a screw and lock washer.  Locate both guides as shown in diagram below and fix into position using screws. Care should be taken to ensure the rods are vertical and it can be helpful to fix the end guide first.

Espagnolette Bolt Guides

Q. How is the cover handle fitted?

A. Referring to the diagram below, spindle (E) is inserted into the centre of the cassette (K) before sliding cover handle (F) over it.  The handle must be in the open position when fitting over the cassette.  After ensuring that the bolt operates smoothly, remove the cover handle (F) and tighten all the screws. Replace the cover handle and screw it firmly into place.

Espagnolette Bolt Handle

Q. How should a Surface Espagnolette Bolt be maintained?

A. To ensure long efficient service the bolt shoot should be lightly oiled or greased occasionally to ensure that the moving parts are allowed to slide smoothly. The fixing screws should be checked for tightness after settling in, and no unnecessary strain should be put on the shoot due to twisting of the door or frame. It is of course necessary when decorating to ensure that paint does not interfere with bolt operation and sockets or receiving plates should be checked for correct alignment for the bolt to operate correctly.


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