Flush Handle

A recessed handle flush with the face of the door or window for pulling, lifting or sliding.

Flush Handle                       Flush Handle                    Flush Handle

There are many situations where fitting a flush handle would be much more suitable and practical than using a typical lever door handle. Sliding doors that are hung on a sliding rail system and move to the left or right as opposed to butt hinges where the door opens outwards are best suited to flush door handles. These flush handles are fitted into the face of the door and allow the user to grip with the fingers and slide the door along. Because the handle is flush with the face of the door it allows the door to fully slide into enclosed spaces without the projection of a lever handle getting in the way. The surface of the door usually has to be cut away to house the body of the handle so it is important to check the depth of the cut out and the thickness of the door when choosing this type of handle.

A different type of flush handle is a flush ring pull. This handle has a pull action instead of a slide action and would be ideal fitted to trap doors or box tops etc where a projecting handle would not be suitable. Again the face of the door must be cut away to house the recess of the pull and this must be considered when choosing this type of flush pull handle.

There is a special type of flush handle that can be used to operate a latch and this is a squash court handle. This type of handle can be fitted either side of a door and connected via a spindle; when the pull out ring is rotated, the latch is withdrawn. A projecting lever door handle would not be suitable on a squash court as the ball could hit the handle and spoil the game.

Squash Court Handle

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