Letter Plate

Plain Letter Plate                        Postal Knocker

A letter plate is an item of front door hardware, used to cover a hole cut out in a door where letters, newspapers and post can be delivered. Also often referred to as a letter box, letter plates are available in many different designs, finishes and sizes. A letter plate can say a lot about a property as well as having a functional purpose.

Horizontal Letter Plates

The majority of letter plates fit horizontally into a door. They can have either a sprung internal flap which springs back into place after mail has been pushed through or an unsprung gravity flap. The flap on a gravity flap letter plate will naturally fall back into place without the need for a spring. Other styles of horizontal letter plates available are postal knocker letter plates which feature a knocker and a postal handle which incorporates a handle for pulling the door closed.

Vertical Letter Plates

Many properties feature a vertical letter plate on their front doors. Again these are available in many different designs and finishes and some also incorporate a round hole cut out where a rim cylinder can be fitted. The internal flap of a vertical letter plate would normally be sprung at the top although it has been known for a sprung horizontal letter plate to be fitted vertically.

Telescopic Letter Plates

Upvc and composite doors are typically fitted with telescopic letter plates. These consist of a letter plate and flap for either side of the door joined together by an internal section. This middle section prevents mail from falling between the panels of the door.

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