Keyhole Draught Excluder

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This keyhole draught excluder is approximately 24mm wide 41mm high and just 4mm thick. It is designed to fit underneath the back plate of lock door handles to prevent draughts. The key will easily pass through the integral brush to operate the lock. Improves privacy too. The approximate distance between the width of the screw hole centres measures 9mm and the height screw centres measurement is 34mm. This keyhole draught excluder is silver in colour although it is not seen as will be hidden behind a door handle back plate.

In addition to its primary function of eliminating draughts, our keyhole draught excluder offers an extra layer of privacy and security. Its intelligent design not only blocks unwanted air flow but also obscures the keyhole from external view, thereby enhancing your door's security and privacy. This practical yet unobtrusive accessory is an essential addition to any household looking to increase comfort and energy efficiency without compromising on style.

Some lock handles, particularly cast iron are flat on the rear face of the back plate. The excluder can be let into the face of the door in these circumstances. Normally fitting one will be sufficient but two can be fitted (one either side of the door) in extreme situations.

Experience enhanced home comfort with our well designed keyhole draught excluder. Crafted to easily integrate beneath the backplate of your door's lock handle, our excluder ensures a draught-free environment, boosting both your home's energy efficiency and comfort.

Dimensions for Perfect Fit: Measuring an unobtrusive 24mm in width, 41mm in height, and a slim 4mm thickness, this excluder is the epitome of subtle efficiency. Its size is carefully chosen to ensure it remains hidden, maintaining the aesthetics of your door hardware while performing its crucial function.

Ease of Use: Installation is a breeze. The keyhole draught excluder aligns effortlessly with standard lock door handles. Our design incorporates an integral brush, allowing your key to glide through smoothly for easy lock operation. Plus, the excluder aids in enhancing privacy by blocking keyhole visibility.

Precise Installation Details: The design takes into account the need for precise fitting. The distance between the screw hole centres is approximately 9mm in width, ensuring a secure fit, while the height between the screw centres measures at 34mm, accommodating a variety of door handle types.

This keyhole draught excluder is more than just a functional item; it's a subtle enhancement to your home’s comfort and privacy. Designed with precision, it's the perfect choice for those looking to improve their home environment efficiently and stylishly.

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