Polished Brass Reeded Rim Door Knob Set 55mm

£36.01 £30.01 Set
Reeded style polished brass decorative 55mm rim door knob on a 60mm diameter round rose. To be used on doors that have a rim door lock fitted to the door surface. This set is supplied complete with one rose (the knob on the rim lock side fits up tight against the lock and so does not require a rose), connecting spindle and fixing screws.
Rim furniture is used in conjunction with a rim lock or latch that is fitted to the outside face of the door as opposed to a mortice lock, which is fitted into the door edge. Rim furniture consists of two knobs, (one with a fixed rose and one without a rose), a spindle and screws. Sometimes a single escutcheon is also supplied. The knob with the fixed rose is fitted to the opposite side of the door to the lock and is fixed to the door in the normal way usually using screws located through the holes in the rose. The spindle located in the back of the fixed rose knob, passes through the door and the rim lock. The second knob is then fixed usually by means of a small grub screw that passes through the neck of the knob, onto the spindle. The second knob does not need a rose as the neck of the knob fits tight against the actual rim lock. Where the rim lock uses a key, an escutcheon is fitted on the opposite door face to the rim lock. Rim furniture is normally specified to have a matching finish to the rim lock or latch.
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Price Unitset
DimensionsKnob Diameter 55mm
Rose Diameter 60mm
Overall Projection 85mm
Approximate dimensions subject to change by the manufacturer, please contact us if this information is critical.
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