Polished Chrome Thumb Turn and Release 50mm

£18.31 £15.26 Each
Polished chrome 50mm turn button and emergency release connected on either side of the door by a 5mm spindle. Can be used in conjunction with lever on rose door handles and a bathroom mortice lock where the door is required to lock. The turn button is rotated to lock the door from the inside and the emergency release can be turned with either a coin or a screwdriver to unlock the door from the outside in case of emergencies.
A turn and release consists of a turn button and an emergency release slot connected by a narrow spindle. They are used on bathroom/bedroom doors or where privacy is required. The turn and release is used in conjunction with a door knob or lever and can be fitted with either a bathroom lock or a mortice deadbolt. When used with a mortice deadbolt, you will also require a mortice or tubular latch for use with the knob/lever. The turn button is fitted on the inside of the door and when operated ?deadlocks? the door. The emergency release slot is fitted to the outside of the door and is usually operated by a coin or screwdriver. The turn and release is normally specified to have a matching finish to the door handles and is supplied complete with the spindle and fixing screws, but not with the bathroom lock or deadbolt which need to be purchased as a separate item, and are also normally specified to have a matching finish to the door handles.
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