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Chrome Ring Door Knocker 134mm

Chrome Ring Door Knocker 134mm


Polished chrome ring door knocker, measures 134mm.
Excl. VAT: £40.06 Incl. VAT: £48.07 each


This door knocker consists of a large ring hinged to a back plate and fitted so that it strikes a separate plate to indicate that attention is needed at the door. A door knocker can be used just for aesthetic reasons if fitted with a door bell or can be used to assist in pulling the door closed. It is fixed by means of an 8mm threaded bar which passes through the door and screws into the back of the door knocker. A dome nut to match the finish of the knocker is then fitted to the other end of the bar until it is flush with the inside face of the door. Useful fixing tools: 8mm wood drill.
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Model M37CP
SKU I478000
Manufacturer Carlisle Brass
Price Unit each