Garage Door Holder 1010 in Pairs (Wide Lintel)

£39.20 £32.67 Pair

Senior reliance door holder in black finish for wide lintels (lintel bracket mounts on base of lintel). Designed to hold a garage door open at approximately 90 degrees.

To fit this unit the door is first opened to right angles.

A bracket is fitted to the underside of the lintel at a distance of 430mm(17in) from the centre of the door hinge pin to the centre of the lintel bracket. Lintels with a width less than approximately 95mm will be too narrow for this version and the narrow lintel version should be used (bracket will mount on the side instead of the bottom in the narrow version).

Whilst the door is open at right angles the other bracket is fitted to the door with the bar horizontal.

It is possible to open the door wider than 90 degrees by moving both brackets nearer the hinge.

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Price Unitpair
ManufacturerA Perry
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