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Helpful Guide on Replacing Door Furniture

If you are planning to redecorate and want to refresh your door furniture, there are a few things that you may want to take into consideration.

Guide on Door Furniture Period Styles

We have summarised some of the different door furniture styles you may want to consider in your home.

Troubleshooting Drooping Door Handles That Do Not Spring Back

We have identified some checks that you can make to troubleshoot door handles which do not spring back satisfactorily to a horizontal position.

How to Avoid Screw Heads Breaking Off When Installing Handles

We have identified some installation issues that can cause screw heads to break off when fixing door handles to timber doors.

Fitting Door Furniture Externally

We are frequently asked about the suitability of fixing certain types of door furniture externally and have identified some things to consider in this article.

Replacing Letter Plates or Letterboxes

We have identified some issues to consider when looking for a replacement Letter Plate and trying to match up the size and fixing bolt centres.

Solving a Keyhole Draught

This article explores a few ideas for reducing a keyhole draught. It also describes a unique brush keyhole draught excluder on the market for addressing this issue.

Solving a Letter Box Draught

This article explores how to solve a letter plate draught using a Select door tidy with integral seal and brush mounted internally.

Repairing Loose Door Handles on Hollow Doors

Troubleshooting door handles which have become loose on modern hollow flush doors.

Choosing Latches to go with your Door Handles

Some points to consider when choosing new latches for your door handles.

Fitting a Door Threshold

Some ideas on how to approach fitting or replacing a new door threshold.

Cleaning Tarnished Brass Door Furniture

How to clean tarnished brass door furniture when the protective lacquer has broken down.

Replacing Euro Profile Cylinders

How to remove and replace Euro Profile cylinders with some guidance on sizes, security standards, cylinder types and keying options.

Euro Profile Cylinder Security

Security guidance for Euro Profile Cylinders using 1 star and 3 star Kite marked cylinders

Door Handles and the Spread of Infection

Certain door handles can be more functional than you first thought in controlling the spread of infection.

Latch Handle Malfunction Leaves you Locked in a Room

Thankfully a handle malfunction is very rare, but when it does happen you could find yourself stuck in a room unable to get out. This article discusses the likely cause and the best way to escape.

Using the Website and Checkout Pages

This article discusses problems you might encounter using our store.

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